15 Mar 2019 Antalya, Türkiye

Two Days in Olympos

May 2018
It was like heaven or fairy tale. Where people protect animals, and where animals can be friend with people without fear.
Night at the beach, lying under millions of shimmering stars and sipping beer with my beloved boyfriend across a still sea to the horizon. What else can be so peaceful?
Olympos is a town in Antalya, Turkey. It's approximately 85 km from Antalya. There is protected as a breeding area of Caretta caretta, so there is no permanent settlement. There are only tree houses where travelers can stay. Nature has never been touched. Should you want to spend the holiday in a natural place, I strongly recommend here.

I was here in May 2018.
Although it was early May, the weather was very hot. My boyfriend and I had this trouble before we got to Olympos because the weather was either cloudy or rainy on all four sides of the country. However, we had no other time to go.

When we arrived at Olympos on the thirteenth of the month, we saw that, unlike what we thought, there was a sparkling, clean air. After settling in our tree houses and having our breakfast, we headed our way to the beach because of we wanted to throw ourselves into the cold, wavy sea -Don't mind me, actually there was no wave at all but the sea was really cold as opposed to the air temperature-
We had to take a long walk to get into the sea. We used our museum cards to pass the security on the sea road. We saw ruins while we were walking. These remains belong to a church called the Necropolis. It was written in the information board that this church was destroyed by floods in 1969.

We walked a little farther and a lake appeared. There were many ducks in the lake. I looked at them lovingly and imitated their voices. The ducks were not afraid of people even one of them had come out of the lake and appeared right before me. After gave my love to them a little more, we continued our way.  When we were continuing to our road this lake turned into the sea.

When we finally arrived at the beach, we could see the clear, azure, sparkling, and still sea. The sea talked to us "Come... Just lie back... Close your eyes and make you feel over the clouds... Or dive into my deep so that I can show you my secrets that you can't see on the overground." Of course, we couldn't resist and get into the sea.
After we'd spent a few hours in the sea,  returned to our tree house. We couldn't get enough night sleep (due to the bus journey) so we slept for three hours. But it was nothing but a waste of time. Then, we had dinner at the bungalow. The bungalow showed us its quality with dinner, it was very delicious!

We went for a walk after dinner. There were only lights on the street that illuminated the bungalows, grocery stores, and bars. There wasn't even a lamp around them. For that reason, around of them were completely dark. The mountains were blacker than the sky, daunting but also very attractive.
As we walked, we saw a road to the left but there was no light. So we decided to go there the next day, under the sunlight. Most bars were empty, there were very few people. We thought it was because of May. Then we saw a bar which was crowded and looked nice. Ordered ourselves a cocktail. We had a lovely evening.

The other day after swimming again we went to the road which we had wondered yesterday. The road led us up the mountain. However, it wasn't a long road. There was a chicken farm along the way. When the road ended, we encountered a dog, a damaged tiny building  (probably a shepherd lived here) and nothing else.

 We had eaten our elaborated food in the evening and then, decided to go to the beach at  9 pm. We passed the security then stopped and started to think about whether or not we want to go. Of course, we wanted but there was very dark. We reached here with the flashlight of our phones. When we were thinking about it, a group of friends and a few more people passed. We followed them immediately.  Again the same ruins, the same lake but with a difference. The magic of the daylight was wiped away now. Instead, It was like a scene from a horror movie. Fortunately, these feelings, these thoughts only until arrived at the beach. There were not many people on the beach. We sat right in front of the sea. The sea was still calm... Lay back on the sand. When I lay down, my eyes were fixed to millions of shimmering stars, I hadn't seen so many stars in a long time. When I was a kid, I had a life just like in the movies. Two-storey house, a large garden full of daisies ... There was a sofa on our balcony, I would lie there every night and watch the stars and then I would sleep there. Then my mother would take me to my room. I was so upset when I woke up, every time... My interest in the stars is still not over. When I saw so many stars in Olympos, I felt like I was in a tale or in heaven. I felt like I had reached Nirvana. It's a real misfortune for someone like me to live in Istanbul.

We started to talk about the theories of the universe while we were sipping our beers and while we are doing these I saw something in the sea. First I couldn't understand and started to examine it carefully. There was a light coming from the sea, I made sure of that. It was flashing. After put forward a few ideas we researched it on the internet. Phytoplankton is a species of dinoflagellates (fire-colored algae) of microscopic herbs  (but I thought it was more appropriate to call them stars in the sea). These species emit light when disturbed. After many hours later we came back to our bungalow.  I'd had a deeper sleep than ever.

Consequently, that was a holiday I'll never forget.